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6 Tactics to Get You Out of Your Slump

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Why Can't I Find A Job? 6 Tactics To Get You Out of Your Slump

By: LaShina Mack, Founder of Resume Renewed

Why can’t I find a job?’ This is a question that has plagued many of us at one point or another in our lives. You begin to question yourself and wonder, 'Is it me, my over-qualification or lack thereof?' Or is competition really that brutal? Whatever the case is, you want answers and you want them now. The first thing you have to look at is what types of jobs you are actually applying for. You should ask yourself certain questions to ensure you are taking the right approach in the job search process. Take a look at my list of tips- Why Can’t I Find A Job? 6 Super Tips to Get You Out of Your Slump.

Tip#1: Get Registered- EVERYWHERE. Before you begin your job search, you have to make sure you are starting in the right place. You want as much exposure as possible. Your feelers need to be out there in order for recruiters to want to reach out to you. So, an up-to-date resume as well as a job specific cover letter are pertinent to a successful job search journey. Job finding services as well as employment agencies can be a huge help. Consider the following things prior and during your job search.

  • When was last time you updated your resume?

  • Are you registered with any online job search companies such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter or CareerBuilder?

  • Are you registered with just one or two online companies or are you maxed out? Max yourself out if you can. There are more companies out there than just the ones referenced.

  • Are you registered with any of your local job search agencies such as Kelly Services, Randstad, or Worksource?

Tip #2: Analyze the Job Posting. Applying for a job sounds easy. In some cases you just upload your resume and click submit. But are you really taking a good look at that job post? Take a peek at the following questions to make sure you are dotting all of your i’s as well as crossing your t’s.

  • Are the jobs that you are applying for related to your actual skill set and background?

Take a look at the job requirements on the posting. Do you meet all of the qualifications, some of them, or none of them at all? You may have some flexibility if you have some of the qualifications but not all. Look closely at the posting to compare requirements versus preferences. If most of what they are asking for are preferences, you are still in good shape if you don’t meet them all.

  • When was the job posted and when did you actually apply for it?

  • Did you wait until the day prior to the job posting expiration date to apply for it? When you cut it that close, there is a huge chance that no one will even look at your resume.

  • Did you receive an email confirmation showing that you applied for the position? If you did not receive anything, did you check your spam folder? Most companies send confirmations- very few do not. If you have not received a confirmation of any kind regarding the online posting, see if you can log into the candidate page for that website and make sure you fully applied for that job. You might have missed something.

This might seem like a lot of questions so far, but I am only just getting started. Depending on how you are answering these questions will make it very clear to you if you have the best approach or not.

Tip #3: Hustle Like Your Life Depends On It. Apply for jobs as if you are under a time restriction. You kind of are, anyway. Don’t be lax about it. Just like you take your job seriously, take the job search seriously. Review the following questions to see just how serious you really are.

  • How many jobs do you apply for per day? Consistency is key.

  • Are the jobs that you are applying for related to your existing experience or experience that you had 10(+) years ago? Recruiters generally disregard any skills that you have not used in ages. Can you blame them? If you want to freshen up that category of skills, take a few free online classes to make those skills relevant again.

  • Do you have a LinkedIn profile? And if you do, have you applied for any jobs through LinkedIn or reached out to any recruiters? Or does your profile just sit there as you wait for someone to contact you first? Don’t just sit there and look cute, take action. Recruiters love LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to reach out first.

  • Have you tapped into your warm market of friends or family in regards to potential positions? Friends and family are excellent resources for getting jobs.

  • Have you visited any businesses locally to see if any openings were available? It’s easy to get a little lazy and just only look at online postings. Sometimes, you have to take it to the streets. If you are not gaining any traction with online job postings, visit some businesses face-to-face. Hand them a crisp, clean resume in person.

  • Have you tried joining any Facebook groups associated with job searches and employment? There are tons of opportunities posted on social media everyday. Not every company advertises for positions the same way. Sometimes the key is to catch them before they begin to advertise for positions. It would not hurt to actually reach out to a company that is not currently advertising for any openings and just ask them if they have any existing openings or if any openings that will become available in the near future. It often pays off to be proactive. Many people get jobs that way.

Tip #4: Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills. Let’s pretend you don't have any problems receiving responses to the jobs that you're applying for. However, you begin to notice that even though you get called in for interviews, you are never their selected candidate. Apparently, there is some sort of disconnect in the interviewing process. That is something that should be easily remedied.

This may seem like a ridiculous question but I am asking it anyway. When you went to your interview, were you on time? And when I say on time, I don't actually mean on time, I mean early. You always want to be early for your interview, no matter what. Some employers consider being on time as being late and that's the hard truth. This actually makes sense, though. Especially, if it is a position where you have to clock in and log into multiple applications on a computer or do a lot of preparation prior to the start of a shift. So being early is extremely important. It gives the interviewer an idea of what your habits are prior to them even hiring you.

What did you wear to your interview? Did you wear your Sunday's best (i.e., a really nice suit and nice clean shoes)? Or did you wear a wrinkled shirt with some khakis or worse, a skin-tight cleavage-bearing wrap dress? The one thing that you want to make sure of is to make the best possible impression you can. If you don't have a nice suit or cannot afford one, go to the Goodwill. They are super inexpensive and sometimes you will stumble upon treasures that you did not expect to find. Iron that shirt, cover the girls up with a nice blouse, and shine up your shoes.

Don't fall for the trick that some hiring managers try to pull on you when they dress casually and lead with the statement, "This is a relaxed work environment." The environment might be relaxed at the workplace, but that interview isn't. You always want to put your best foot forward. Remember that if you score a 2nd interview.

No big deal if you don't own a suit. Just find your nicest outfit, crease it up really well with the iron and impress as best as you can. Just remember, Society is more shallow than you think. Do you ever notice that the nicer you look the nicer people are to you when you go out in public? Do you also notice that when your hair is sticking up on top of your head and you have on yesterday’s sweatpants with a paint stained t-shirt on, people don't seem as smiley. That isn't a coincidence.

Tip #5: Minty Freshness. Prior to your interview, you have to make sure your breath is on point. You are in a small office spilling your guts about your background and why you are the best fit for the job. Closed quarters and recycled air. Think about it. One thing is for certain- if your breath is bad, the only thing you will be fit for is exiting their office a.s.a.p. Yes, anyone can have a bad day depending on what they have eaten, but never let that happen in an interview. You don’t get a 2nd chance.

Pop a mint on the way to your interview to ensure that your breath is extra fresh. And please, do not chew gum during the interview. Freshen up your breath before you walk in. Maybe even use some breath spray. That is much faster and will certainly do the job. Sometimes it's not you that has the problem, it could be the interviewer. In those cases, tough luck! Just hold your breath when you can and try to grin and bear it as long as possible.

Tip #6: Don’t Give Up. Sometimes things can look hopeless and it seems like the darkness will never end. You have bills that are due, and bill collectors don't give a crap about what your financial situation is. You need a job and you need one fast. Sometimes you can't get one as quickly as you would like. But don't give up. You will find something.

Have patience and you might find the job of your dreams. If you apply these six tactics effectively, there is no reason why you should not find a job. #jobsearch #whycantifindajob #jobtips

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